Pulkkinen-Räss-Sadovska - Vocal Acrobats With Yodel, Runo & Throat Singing

Pulkkinen - Räss - Sadovska Trio
  • date:04 Dec 2019 - 16 Dec 2019
  • area:Germany
  • style(s):A Cappella, Vocal
  • status:published tour
  • continents:Europe / Russia
  • tour posted by:Alba Kultur

Confirmed Dates

04.12.2019 Düsseldorf
11.12.2019 Köln
12.12.2019 Wuppertal
13.12.2019 Gelsenkirchen

Offered Dates

December 2019


Three women, three voices and three countries blend into one. Nadja Räss, Mariana Sadovska and Outi Pulkkinen searched for and ultimately found each other in Toggenburg, Switzerland, within the scope of the Klangfestival Naturstimmen (Natural Voices Sound Festival). Their musical understanding overcomes the boundaries of language. Their interpretation of the commissioned work that was penned by Swiss composer Markus Flückiger for the 2016 Klangfestival Naturstimmen is unique. The concert is complemented by pieces from the artists' respective personal repertories that they have newly arranged with each other, but also by traditional songs from their home countries, which they perform in their original languages.These traditions –yodel, runo singing and white voice –form the musical basis around which the composer has created melodies for the three musicians. This allows the music to become a language that takes listeners on a journey through the various cultures. The three solo voices are from different geographic regions of Europe and represent the traditional musical background from which they come. The new composition brings the three vocal traditions closer together and ultimately blends them into a unity. The result is astonishing tonal colours, and this innovative contemporary music starts sounding familiar.The composition consists of individual pieces that each tell its own storyand convey a variety of moods. The composer intentionally did not provide a text, so the three musicians came up with the words and syllables that developed over the course of the rehearsals. Through improvisation and practice, the pieces ultimately became what they now are and how they are performed.