Altyn-Taiga, AltaiKai
Dalama, AltaiKai


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  • country:Russian Federation
  • region:Altay
  • style(s):Ethnic, Folk
  • label:not signed
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:AltaiKai

Line up

  • AKCHIN AMYR (kaichi,throat singing, an instrumentalist, an aut)
  • SOGONOKOV EDUARD (kaichi, throat singing, vocal)
  • TOPCHIN ALEXEY (kaichi, throat singing, an instrumentalist, an a)
  • URMAT YNTAEV (kaichi, throat singing, an instrumentalist, an au)

AltaiKai - are masterly throat singers skillful in
any style and variety of kai and traditional mu-
sical instruments. Mellow deep sounds of karky-
ra, bewitching khoomei and melodious sygyt-sy-
bysky, vividly imitated sounds of nature - cha-
mimg singing of birds, gentle murmur of a brook,
ferocious roaring of predators; gentle woman
singing and woman throat singing, tunes of kho-
mus, topshur and accordion make the music
of AltaiKai.

AltaiKai highlight performances

2006 USA, Washington, D.C. The John F. Kennedy Center for the
Performing Arts (live internet broadcast).
2006 USA, Richmond, Virginia. 68th Annual National Folk Festival
2007 Czech Republic, Prague. Czech Philharmonic Orchestra,
Dvo&345;ak hall (AltaiKai, Hradistan & Czech Philharmonic Orchestra)
2007 Spain, Sevilla. Lope de Vega theatre (WOMEX and
BBC-supported concert)
2008 Great Britain, London. Royal Opera House (BBC live AltaiKai
performance recording)
2008 Great Britain, Charlton Park. WOMAD Festival
(BBC live broadcast)


1. Where Altai is in Rise 2002.
2. Attar 2003.
3. Altaian 2004.
4. Khan Altai 2005.
5. XXI century 2005.
6. Remix 2006.
7. Made in USA 2006.
8. XXI century. Version II 2006.
9. Chveni. AltaiKai, Hradistan & Brno Philharmonic Orchestra (Czech Republic). 2007.
10. World Top 20. Oino, oino, Komuzym. THE WOMEXIMIZER 07. (Germany). 2007.
11. DVD 2007.
12. Ulu Khan 2008.
13. Altyn-Taiga 2011.