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Fred Martins
Fred Martins is one of those outstanding singers / authors that appear in Brazil from time to time. He is the
composer of huge successes, immortalized by names such as Ney Matogrosso, Maria Rita or Zélia Duncan.
He is, with no doubt, one of the great names of the artists of his generation.
Fred creates an original repertoire that has its foundations on the new Brazilian music.
During ten years, he has translated the scores of great composers, such as Chico Buarque, Noel Rosa, Tom
Jobim, Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil to the famous songbooks produced by Almir Chediak. Fred´s talent
was also recognized while being given the award PRÉMIO VISA DE MÚSICA BRASILEIRA (9th edition,
2006) that, unanimously by judges and audience, gave him the award of “Best Composer”. Because of that,
Fred recorded the special TV “Tempo Afora” (Canal Brasil channel/ Globosat channel), that was then
released in DVD format. Great Brazilian musicians love his compositions and have recorded many of his
songs, making them worldwide known: Renato Braz ("Por um Fio"), Ney Matogrosso ("Novamente" and
"Tempo Afora"), Maria Rita ("Sem Aviso" and "Perfeitamente") and Zélia Duncan ("Hóspede do Tempo" e
"Flores"), among others. Apart from his personal projects, Fred Martins participates both as a composer and
interpreter in the most recent show of María Pagés (ballet flamenco) - " UTOPIA ", inspired in the work of
the famous Óscar Niemeyer.
Fred Martins participated, among other events, on the international Festivals "LULA WORLD 2014"
With a unique sound and boundless creativity, Fred Martins is recognized by the critic as one of the biggest
composers of his generation. His first solo Album recorded in Europe, “Para além do muro do meu
quintal”, is on sale since April 22nd 2016 in Portugal.
« Fred Martins is an original composer that touches a very particular universe, interesting and poetical. As an
interpreter, it is always great to listen to his music. I´ve recorded two of his songs: "Novamente" and "Tempo
Afora "» - Ney Matogrosso
« Fred Martins is a top composer and it is not too much to say that he is one of the best at the moment» -
João Pimentel, in O Globo newspaper