Vasilis Kostas & Layth Sidiq

Vasilis Kostas & Layth Sidiq
Vasilis Kostas & Layth Sidiq
  • country:USA
  • region:Boston
  • style(s):Jazz, World Jazz
  • label:Turquoise Production
  • type:Duo
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:jazz combo, unplugged
  • artist posted by:Anassa Productions

Line up

  • Layth Sidiq (Violin)
  • Vasilis Kostas (Laouto)


aouto player Vasilis Kostas and violinist Layth Sidiq met many miles from their respective home countries in Boston. The former is Greek, the latter Jordanian-Iraqi and their duo aims to highlight the musical roots of their countries while using them as basis for exploring new ways of improvising, writing and arranging.
Without getting lost when borrowing elements from jazz and other contemporary styles, this invenive duo always seeks to capture the magic that emerges when following the thread of expanding the boundaries of musical traditions.

- Showcased @ WOMEX 2017 -