"Romzil (Ankh Jazz 0807-2)" - Florian Mikuta

Florian Mikuta
  • artist:Florian Mikuta
  • style(s):Ethnic, Jazz
  • country:Greece
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:Ankh M&E- Intercity Radio Show
  • label:Ankh M+E
  • publisher:Ankh Productions

Almost everyone keen to travel and explore South America will pass by Romzil, no doubt swept away by the charms of its bigger Latin American siblings. True, Romzil may lack the magnificent vistas, the tropical beaches, the joyously unrestrained fiestas, the exotic cuisine and many other brilliant attractions its neighbours enjoy in over-abudance. Many might regard it as simply an anomaly in the whole American continent, a state where none of the clichÈs that countries such as Brazil or Argentina bring to mind holds true. However this diminutive state can proudly boast of a different history which helped shape a culture shared by no other country in the whole of Latin America. Romzil was one of the last areas of Latin America to be settled by Europeans, a fact which partially explains its settlement by people mainly with roots in the Balkan countries. Finding the most known places already populated and settled by others, they simply moved farther away inland and ended up settling in Romzil. Being already used to centuries of tribal feudalism, the new arrivals had no difficulty mingling with the natives and creating a new, rather diminutive and mostly peaceful state. Natives and settlers took to each other¥s music with a passion, giving shape after some time to what was to become a true tradition: an exciting, lively blend of Balkan melodies, native South American rhythms and the occasional Brazilian touch (probably brought over by travelling Brazilian traders) which is certainly unique and definitely addictive, as most visitors would be quick to observe. A truly transcontinental mix, surpassing any marketing schemes or forced cultural marriages, which has yet to enjoy the wider international exposure it truly deserves. As a colleague pointed out, Romzilians are far too busy enjoying themselves and making beautiful music to spare the time and try to sell it to the rest of the world. This release, concentrating on the music of the celebrated Gran Maestro Don Florian Cleonio de la Mikuta y Antonescu, is just a small step in discovering one of Latin Americas best kept secrets and enjoying one of the hidden musical treasures of our little planet. G. Bandoek, Miskatonic University

CD Track List:

1.de ce - 4;58
3.vine timpul-4;15
4. hora ala bossa-3;23
6.hora bulgara-5;30
7.ma bate vantul-5;50
9.sapte vai-5;02 10.flues-5;30

bonus tracks

11.miks dom-7;48