Anna Dantchev -Bulgarian voice from Finland

Anna Dantchev -Bulgarian voice from Finland
Anna Dantchev, photo by Alejandro Lorenzo


A song from the DANTCHEV:DOMAIN album Say It (Glomama Music)
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A pitch about the album release process of DANTCHEV:DOMAIN Say It
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Line up

  • Anna Dantchev (FI/BG) (vocals, tupan -drum)
  • Antti-Pekka Rissanen (FI) (drums)
  • Erno Haukkala (FI) (trombone, flutes)
  • Jóao Luis (PT) (percussion, vibraphone)
  • Kenneth Ojutkangas (FI/ US) (guitar, tuba)


Anna Dantchev (FI-BG) is a strong and seasoned singer and lamenter, whose solo album Say It with the band DANTCHEV:DOMAIN was released in Spring 2020. The album reached #19 in WMCE June 2020 edition.

Her hybrid and unique story is one-of-a-kind within the diverse Finnish folk and world music scene. The album will bring out the legacy of Finnish Bulgarian minority for the first time. With her border-crossing and emotionally captivating voice, she addresses global issues as stories of life and reveal the contradictions of a dual identity in an original way.

Being a Finnish-Bulgarian, she combines smoothly her bi-cultural musical heritage creating a modern and vibrating sound of fusion. It is strongly driven from authentic musical source and yet is alive in today's global musical environment. Dantchev grew up in Bulgarian music tradition with her family, that was also firmly rooted into Finnish folk music tradition. Born and raised in Haapavesi, in northern Finland, she excels in Bulgarian traditional music and singing techniques, especially in Bulgarian lamenting tradition. She is an experienced singer also within jazz and soul genres.

Dantchev has pioneered in bringing out the Bulgarian tradition in Finland. With her previous Anna Dantchev Band, she updated the old Bulgarian songs into a vivid and groovy global music aesthetics, and with a electro-fusion band The Bottle Concort the old tradition was levelled to the vibrant club beats. Nowadays she also collaborates with pianist and composer Timo Alakotila combining Bulgarian songs with Finnish harmonies, and with Anna Murtola-flamenco singer combining Bulgarian singing techniques with expressive flamenco singing. Dantchev teaches Bulgarian singing i.a. in Music School Uulu, in Tampere.