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Mascarimirì - Tam
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Claudio “Cavallo” Giagnotti - voice, tamburreddhu (frame drum)
Alessio Amato - voice, programmaming, synth
Dario Stefanizzi – voice, woodwinds
Gabriele Martino – voice, mandolin

The new live performance includes a mix of sounds that merges the concept of Dance Hall- typical of Sound System- and Salento traditional festive celebrations. It carries on the musical language of Tradinnovazione (tradition&innovation), an idea that characterizes the music of Mascarimirì since 1998.

MASCARIMIRI' - Pizzica Dance Hall Party
It is a DJ/LIVE SET by Mascarimirì where Salento ethnic music changes its way. From being a music played in traditional festive celebrations, it moves to clubs and to much more innovative events, using the Sound System as a dance language, in the name of the circularity which connects the Tamburreddhu from Salento, the vinyl and the CD today. Ballati!!!

Gitanistan Orkestra is a project born from the Mascarimiri’s CD “Gitanistan”. It’s a work that starts from a personal research (considering ROM origins of Claudio “Cavallo” Giagnotti) and even a cultural, artistic research, oriented to discovering Rom/Salento families. The traditional salentinian dance music meets the virtuosistic electric melodies and contemporary rhythms but for the occasion it joins to brass and percussions belonging to the “banda” tradition. The project is a kind of reflection about how Mediterranean dance musics and Rom culture influenced each other during their historical path. The idea about an “orkestra” starts from the desire to meet and understand, even by artistical residencies, how evolved customs and traditions of the Rom families from the Mediterranean.

This project, directed by Claudio ‘Cavallo’ Giagnotti (Mascarimirì) and Louis Pastorelli (Nux Vomica), aims at merging different forms of music-playing in the Mediterranean within the artistic concept of “Latin Arch” (realized by Nux Vomica in February 2010 in Nice, France). The live performance is thought as a big popular celebration, where local instruments such as the ‘Tamburreddhu’ from Salento, and ‘lu Fifre’ from Nice represent the main characters, although reinterpreted within the concept of Tradinnovazione and the Sound System tradizional (traditional).

Our Festivals

GITANISTAN! - Open the borders of the Imaginary State!
BALLATI! - Festival della Tradinnovazione
TAM TAM! - Tambureddhu Festival

New Show - PROMO 2016/2017

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