Dudu Tucci
Dudu Sacheon Korea 07
Dudu Tucci & Murah Soares
Dudu Pandeiro
Dudu Tucci Conga
Dudu Tucci Talking Drum

Line up

  • Dudu Tucci (percussion, flute)


The Master of Rhythms from Brasil started drumming as a young boy in the Umbanda ceremonies. After his studies at the Brooklin Paulista Conservatory in Sao Paulo he travelled extensively throughout Latin America where he discovered diverse ethnic music traditions with a profound spirituality that has influenced him ever since. He has performed on big stages in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Since the early 1980s he is living in Berlin where he works as composer, musician and writer. For more than 20 years he teaches and inspires thousands of percussion students in Germany and many other European countries.

100 Percent Percussion (Solo-Performance)

This solo performance shows all the knowledge, experience and variety of music from more than 30 years of intense work and studies of the rhythms of the worlds. The musician invites his audience to a musical journey through cultures and traditions. As he is moving between congas drums, special acoustic effects, gongs, berimbao and flute, putting some vocal sequences into the conversation of the instruments, he weaves a carpet of sounds and rhythms.

other projects

- Musical director of Brasil Power Drums )

- Workshops for musicians and corporate events

- Composition & arrangements of music for film and theatre

- Musical part of dance theatre

- CD releases - Latest Album MORENA DO SOL