Mario Crispi & Arenaria

Mario Crispi & Arenaria at 2° New Trends Meeting

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Mario Crispi & Arenaria


A song from CD "Areanaria" by Mario Crispi
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  • event type:Concert
  • date:02 Oct 2010 - 02 Oct 2010
  • time:21,30
  • city/area:Terrasini (Palermo)
  • venue:Piazza Duomo
  • country:Italy
  • style(s):Mediterranean, Contemporary modal
  • event posted by:AC Formedonda - Produzioni Sonore


Saturday, October 2 in Terrasini (Palermo) from 18.00 there will be the musical event "2nd Meeting New Trends" organized by the "Music and Culture Association".
The association makes explicit reference to the extraordinary experiences of social antimafia who were, in the late '70s, the "club culture and music" and "OM Group", Whose merger was born after" Radio Aut ", which spoke microphones Peppino Impastato.
The first edition of the rally was held in 1976 on the beach Magaggiari, between Cinisi and Terrasini.

The event will, among other artists, Mario Crispi & Sandstone, a quartet with Enzo Rao on violin, Maurizio Curcio at the Chapman Stick and laptops, Giovanni Lo Cascio on drums and percussion, Cinzia Garofalo realtime video & VJ.