Mario Crispi/Arenaria & Gli Archi Ensemble

R.A.M. Risonanze Arcaiche Mediterranee

Mario Crispi/Arenaria & Gli Archi Ensemble
  • event type:Concert
  • date:19 May 2011 - 19 May 2011
  • time:21:30
  • city/area:FABRIANO
  • venue:POIESIS 2011
  • country:Italy
  • style(s):Ambient, Contemporary modal
  • event posted by:AC Formedonda - Produzioni Sonore


Poiesis 2011
FABRIANO 20_21_22 May 2011

WAITING poiesis 2011

Grotta Grande del Vento
Frasassi Caves - GENGA

May 19, 2011
at 21:30

Mario Crispi & Sandstone
+ The String Ensemble
Risonanze Arcaiche Mediterranee
(Mediterranean Archaic Resonance)

Concert of
archaic flutes, electric violin, Chapman stick, percussion, laptop, string orchestra

Mario Crispi
archaic wind instruments, live electronics, composition, direction

Enzo Rao
electric violin, effects

Maurizio Curcio
Chapman Stick, laptop

Giovanni Lo Cascio
Mediterranean percussion & drums

Gli Archi Ensemble (String Orchestra)

Domenico Marco, Salvatore Tuzzolino, Federico Brigantino, Domenico Pirrone, Marco Badami, Vincenzo Cerere

Vincenzo Schembri, Joseph Brunetto

Giorgio Gasbarro, Vincenzo Pusateri

Gaetano Di Peri
double bass

Cynthia Garofalo
real time video

The project R.A.M. founded in Palermo in 2011 as a milestone of research and composition of executive Mario Crispi through the sounds of the world, like the result of archaic wind instruments (the instruments that he has always played) or new technologies, or produced by musicians which has always surrounded In the past Agricantus (his creature dissolved in 2008) in its various organs, and now Enzo Rao, Maurizio Curcio, Giovanni Lo Cascio (forming "Arenaria," in its current and new training base), composers performer and at the same time, music lovers of this genre better known as the ethno ambient ..
In this project, in addition, for the first time ever, The Archi Ensemble, refined and well-matched string orchestra in Palermo, who initiated the collaboration with Mario Crispi since his last solo album "Arenaria."
Although the artistic development of the two ensembles is radically different, the musical result is a sound mix and symbolic fence that easily exceeds any conceivable or distance between these musical worlds apparentemenre away.
Resonances in Archaic Mediterranean blend sounds so archaic and "archestrali" (contextual neologism referring to the sound of the strings) that "resonate" in the cultural conditioning of a deep incessant Mediterranean Odyssey (as a wandering journey) and that makes the Mediterranean (as it says the meaning of the word) a place that is "in the midst of the land," where the latter are identified with geographical, historical and peoples.
And in this grafted wandering the urban sounds, dreamy and ethereal new technologies, merging the ancestral sounds and acoustic, emphasize the characters hypnotics or oppose seeking a healthy balance.
R.A.M. is also an acronym for Random Access Memory that, in addition to being part of the computer designed to interim processing (such as in real time computer music), in this case includes symbolically also direct access to any part of the "memory" itself, both technologically and musically, and ancestral human ..
The "memory" then becomes a sound sign, reminiscence, re-emergence, re-use and evocation in a continuum that is resonant in the Big Grottoe of the Wind in Frasassi a vehicle symbolic and multi-sensory unique.