Current situation has forced people to lock down into their homes all around the world. Despite the horrific situation, home offers many people a safe haven and with that, it deserves our deepest gratitude. Not everyone has home, not everyone are safe - but we all have heart and soul that can helps us find light and sense of home in the middle of this uncertainty and change.

For others, home is an actual place - it’s a nest to build life up from. For others, home is where the heart is, or where your suitcase travels. But the concept of home, the security and warmth it brings, doesn’t vanish, whether you think of your home in any form. This menuet is dedicated to home.

Kotona / Home is composed by guitarist J-P Piirainen and arranged together with beatboxer Venla Ilona Blom. The tune is produced by Jyri Sariola and features fiddle players Tommi Asplund, Tero Hyväluoma, Alina Järvelä and Esko Järvelä from Finnish folk greatness Frigg.