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  • country:USA
  • region:North America
  • style(s):Classical, Fusion
  • label:Unis Records
  • type:Solo, Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental
  • artist posted by:Balkanfest LLC

Line up

  • Vlad (Guitar)


Music has the ability to transform, heal and speak to the soul. This is true essence of highly accomplished guitarist, arranger, producer - Vlad. Beyond any musical boundaries, his creations can be described as Contemporary World Fusion, combining a mixture of sounds, from World, Jazz, Pop, Symphonic, Soul and more. Now weave together all of life's richness and add hues of color and layers of texture. This is what
is heard in each of Vlad's works - each song a
different experience and each note is full of life.

Born in a small town in Ukraine, Vlad's passion for music took him far beyond his hometown and beyond the country's borders. Started as a drummer at age 7 and taken by guitar by the age 13, Vlad's guitar playing and songwriting brought songs to the top of the charts for rock band Forte, legendary band "Tea Fan Club", and even as a lead vocalist in his own band "Loony Pelen" - gathering accolades from both critics and the fans.

His producing and writing skills helped many ukrainian and international artists to get to the hights of their popular success. Among them - a Eurovision Winner and World Music Awards holder of 2004 Ruslana.

But the world was yet to be discovered. in 1996 Vlad was awarded with scholarship to study at Berklee College Of Music in Boston. Shortly after a stint in Massachussetts, Vlad arrives to New York to discover the urban jungle.

In 2004 a US debut album "Vladosphere" was released by Orpheus Music. Album received a universal praise from critics, fans and radios. Its instrumental single "Little Star" had quickly become a radio hit-single among industry heavy-weights such as John Meyer, Maroon5 and others.

Keeping the integrity to the art of music and inspired by personal events Vlad is releasing a second US album "Sun In Capricorn". The entire album is recorded on acoustic guitar and the songs are telling a personal story. "This is the most honest music I ever made" - says Vlad about "Sun In Capricorn". Indeed each song has an undeniable effect on a listener of any age, simply because it is the music of a human heart expressed on intimate sound of acoustic guitar. This is the album of maturity and joy...

Currently Vlad is finishing up his Symphony which will performed by NAtional Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine; working on his third US release and movie soundtracks.