• country:India
  • style(s):Folk, Bengal
  • label:banglanatak dot com MusiCal
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:banglanatak dot com

Line up

  • Chhote Golam (Vocal)
  • Dipannita Acharya (Vocal)
  • Khokan Das (Dhol)
  • Mohan Tati (Flute)
  • Sadhu Das Baul (Vocal & Khamak, Dotara)


Heading from different backgrounds Dipannita, Sadhu, Chote Golam, Mohan and Khokan they are masters of their own field. Ashek will focus on the Bangla Qwwali, The Baul tradition of Bengal developed in close association with the Islamic Sufiism and Vaishnava Sahajiya traditions. For ages, people in search of peace have sought shelter in the philosophical teachings and sayings of religious leaders, saints and minstrels. In doing so, they travelled from one place to another. Qawwali was no exception. In the journey of the subaltern communities, their songs too travelled with them, expanding their geographical spread. This added new elements to history and changed names, contexts and singing styles, but kept the basic structure of the tune and rhythm of Qawwali intact. Members individually have performed at various National and Global folk festivals including in China, Bulgaria, Sweden, UK and China.