Jomin Ashman
Jomin Ashman
Jomin Ashman
  • country:India
  • style(s):Folk, Bengal
  • label:banglanatak dot com MusiCal
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:banglanatak dot com

Line up

  • Debalina Bhowmick (Vocal)
  • Kangal Khyapa (Vocal & Dotara)
  • Sajib Sarkar (Dhol)
  • Saurav Moni (Vocal & Ektara)
  • Tanmoy Pan (Percussion)
  • Tarun Chaudhuri (Flute)


Jomin Ashman is a group of talented artists from different genres. They have experience of performing nationally and international. With the presence of Sourav, the group will focus on Bhatiyali, the folk genre of riverine Bengal. Experience the music of the mystic rivers and the lives of boatmen rowing gently over them. Spirituality, the incidents of daily life, folktales have become an integral part of this genre. Metaphors are often used in the lyrics of spiritually oriented Bhatiyali songs influenced by Baul philosophy. The other team members of the group Debalina a leading urban folk singer, Tarun, Sajib, Kangal and Tanmoy will also showcase their musical skills. Members individually have performed at various National and Global folk festivals including in Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Malayasia, Morocco, China, Bulgaria, Paris and UK.