"Storied sounds" - Tuulikki Bartosik

Tuulikki Bartosik
Photo by Matthias Bartosik
Photo by Matthias Bartosik
Photo by Matthias Bartosik
Storied sounds cover


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  • artist:Tuulikki Bartosik
  • featured artist:Tuulikki Bartosik, Timo Alakotila, Villu Talsi, Dylan Fowler
  • region:Northern Europe
  • release year:2016
  • style(s):Contemporary, World
  • country:Estonia
  • formats:Audio File / Digital, CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:Bartosik, Tuulikki
  • label:RootBeatRecords
  • publisher:RootBeatRecords
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Storied Sounds is the debut solo album by Estonian accordion player Tuulikki Bartosik. Inspired by childhood summers by the Baltic Sea, forest rambles, dark Scandinavian winters and even relics of the former Soviet landscape, Storied Sounds is a series of sketches of the places and people that have formed Tuulikki’s journey. Incorporating field recordings of birdsong, murmuring rivers, abrasive seagull cries and even the growl of the city, Storied Sounds creates a vivid context for music that is by turns robust, joyous, and wistful.

Tuulikki Bartosik - free bass accordion, voice, metallophone
Timo Alakotila - piano
Villu Talsi - mandolin
Dylan Fowler - guitar

Released under the independent UK label RootBeatRecords www.rootbeatrecords.com

"It is hardly surprising, then, to find that Estonia’s musical heritage draws on a huge breadth of influence. But it isn’t all about appropriation from other cultures. Storied Sounds, Estonian accordionist Tuulikki Bartosik‘s latest album, does make forays into the varied musical worlds of Scandinavian, Central and Eastern Europe, but at its heart is the artist’s love for her homeland and its own rich heritage."
- Thomas Blake, FolkRadioUK

"This delightfully evocative instrumental album has been described as s love letter to the Estonian landscapes of Tuulikki Bartosik's childhood, yet the tunes included here could also easily fit into the role of accompanying a Thomas Hardy film adaptation. There's little doubting Bartosik's credentials as a highly imaginative and expressive accordion player, yet in the case of STORIED SOUNDS, it's the inventiveness of the musical arrangements, together with the use of atmospheric field recordings that brings these thirteen pieces of music alive; a meeting of music and nature so beautifully captured and encapsulated in just under an hour. "
- Allan Wilkinson, Northern Sky Magazine

"Here, on Tuulikki's solo project Storied Sounds, while her signature accordion remains at the centre of the sound picture for much of the time, her compositional skill is brought to the fore in imaginative scoring that allows for other timbres to integrate and interact believably with her own instrument."
- David Kidman, FateaRecords

" 'Storied Sounds’ from Tuulikki Bartosik - fascinating melange of music and sound"
“Whether these tacks evoke memories or prompt imaginings doesn’t really matter, what matters is the ability of this album to take you places ... back to a past or forward into a future and that’s certainly achieved.”
- Tim Carroll, FolkWords