"The Greek "Real Book" Vol 1" - Emmanuel Saridakis

Emmanuel Saridakis
The Greek Real Book Vol.1
  • artist:Emmanuel Saridakis
  • featured artist:Emmanuel Saridakis
  • region:Athens
  • release year:2018
  • style(s):Greek, Jazz
  • country:Greece
  • formats:Audio File / Digital
  • record posted by:Beikof, Nastazia
  • publisher:© Copyright - Emmanuel Saridakis
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This project has five original compositions written from 2014 until 2017 and six traditional Greek folk songs. All tunes are arranged and performed “with the mind set” of a modern post bop jazz pianist. However the harmonic and rhythmic structure sounds more like contemporary classical or Greek folk music - rather than Bebop - except from the last track of the CD “Willow Willow”, which in this version is inspired by the "GREAT" Art Tatum.

It was a challenge to play some of these tunes because of the well tempered tuning of the piano, i.e. you can't bend or glide the pitch of a note in order to give the appropriate tuning like a vocalist or a violinist according to the tradition. The well tempered tuning of the clavier doesn't work well in all styles of music. However with the addition of "The Crying Voice" (a synth generated sound) those limitations are almost gone and I do use exclusively "quarter tones" and some vocal techniques from the Byzantine area. Especially in the solo section of track seven "The duck goes to the river" where I add two of them via overdub.

I hope that classical & jazz piano players will enjoy listening to this music album and be more interested in the folk & contemporary repertoire of Greek music.

Emmanuel Manos Saridakis
December 2017, Itea Fokida, Greece

SPECIAL THANK'S TO: My parents Helen & Stelios, all my family members (you are so many!), my first piano teacher mr. Themistoklis Roussos (R.I.P.), Elena Falirea, Anastasios Katsaris, Takis Barberis, Panos Mitsopoulos, Vagelis Katanias, Sotiris Kakanas, Akis Kalivas, Panayotis Halligiannis (R.I.P.), Kostas Anastasiadis, Takis Kanelos (Mode Plagal), Nikos Kapilidis, Theodosii Spassov, Elena Kosma, Lefki Karpodini, Nikos Tatasopoulos, Christos Labropoulos, Christos Psaros, David Liebman, Jack Walrath.
released March 23, 2018

All arrangements by E. Saridakis
Tracks 2, 3, 5, 8, 10 are composed by Emmanuel Saridakis

Personnel: Emmanuel Saridakis plays piano on all tracks and on tracks 3, 5, 7, 9 & 10 adds via overdub "The Crying Voice" (a synth generated sound played via a midi keyboard). On track seven he adds a second "Crying Voice" on the solo section!

Mixing & Mastering by Anastasios C. Katsaris @ StargazerAudio.net

Front cover artwork. Painting by PanosMitsopoulos.com titled: ‘alone’ 2016 oil paint on wood 30x40cm. Photo by Sotiris Kakanas. Design and CD artwork by Vaggelis Katanias.

Produced by Emmanuel Saridakis

Made in Greece, Copyright 2018
all rights reserved