Simone Mongelli Bodyterranean – The Show

Simone Mongelli Bodyterranean – The Show
Performing close
Performing photo by K Giokas
Simone Mongelli
Performing with the Shadows
Performing feet
  • country:Greece
  • region:Athens
  • style(s):A Cappella, Greek
  • label:EMSE - Cultural Action, Greece 2016.
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:a cappella
  • artist posted by:Beikof, Nastazia

Line up

  • Agapi Diaggelaki  (singing, vocals, body percussion, dance)
  • Alkis Dimos (vocals, body percussion, beat-box)
  • Georgina Vardoulaki  (body percussion, vocals, dance )
  • Mata Kourti (singing, vocals, body percussion, dance)
  • Simone Mongelli (concept, compositions and arrangements & Body!)
  • Sissy Pintela  ( body percussion, vocals, dance)


Simone Mongelli
Bodyterranean – The Show
Music without instruments

"The sounds of the body
blend with traditional music"

Body percussion, voice, and tradition: archaic ingredients for a contemporary and innovative show, combining rhythm and movement, music and theatre, with no other means but the human body itself.

Simone Mongelli and his team present Bodyterranean, a show based on the album that the Italian musician has published at the end of 2016, as a result of a long-term research on blending the contemporary language of Body Music with the archaic language of Greek and Southern-Italian tradition. The album has been realized exclusively with the sounds of the human body and the voice, rendering all of the rhythmic and melodic material.

An cutting-edge work, not only for the Greek context, which stands as the continuation of Simone Mongelli’s artistic path, and of his experimentation around traditional material.
In the album he involved popular and respected artists from the Greek traditional and «a cappella» scenes, as well as from the international Body Music circuit, like Areti Ketime, Maria Koti, Manos Achalinotopoulos, Alexandros Kapsokavadis, «Pleiades» and «Stringless» vocal ensembles, «Word of Mouth» beat-box duo, Thanos Daskalopoulos, Max Pollak, Bryan Dyer, Antwan Davis, Raùl Cabrera.

In order to realize the new show, he organized auditions, and finally chose five young and multi-talented artists from the Athens’ scene, skilled in traditional singing, dance, body music and performing in general, and created a brand new energetic and promising group.

Bodyterranean is a rich and dynamic show, focused on the human body, where rhythm and polyrhythm, melody and polyphony, movement and atmosphere, represent the main ingredients.

The show has premiered in October 2017 in Athens, at the IMBF, the greatest Body Music Festival worldwide (, directed by Keith Terry, recording a great response and success, both in terms of audience and critics.

Simone Mongelli – concept, compositions and arrangements of traditional material, body percussion, vocals, direction
Sissy Pintela – body percussion, vocals, dance
Georgina Vardoulaki – body percussion, vocals, dance
Agapi Diaggelaki – singing, vocals, body percussion, dance
Mata Kourti – singing, vocals, body percussion
Alkis Dimos – vocals, body percussion, beat-box
Tasos Sklavounos – light design
Nikolas Stavrianoudakis – sound