Jana Linhares
album cover
  • artist:Jana Linhares
  • featured artist:Lenine and Dona Ivone Lara
  • region:Rio de Janeiro
  • release year:2014
  • style(s):Electronic, World Pop
  • country:Brazil
  • formats:Audio File / Digital
  • record posted by:Bendita Produções
  • label:Fidelio Producoes
  • publisher:Fidelio Producoes
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With her 2014 debut album “TechnologiAmor,” singer Jana Linhares offers an appealing blend of hard-edge MPB and electronics. The songs range from chill and downtempo to rock, with pleasant detours into rap, disco, and pop.

Influenced by artists of the likes of Björk, Portishead and Goldfrapp, Jana Linhares gently slides the electronic wave. “I’ve always seen myself singing in an atmosphere such as the one they create, kind of ethereal, kind of lounge, with careful use of the voice’s color and potential. I’ve always known that my kind of sound was electronic, not simply a rave vibe but rather a voyage through the textures of sound and its deconstruction”, she explains.

Jana co-wrote six of the songs here, mostly with singer Penna Firme. Here is a quick overview of Jana’s songs: “Espiral,” chill/lounge personified, is the perfect opening track for this album. “Satisfação” is a downtempo, bass-heavy number accented with electronics. Jana sings title track “TechnologiAmor” in a fittingly even, emotionless voice that is given some gentle reverb treatment. “Principe Encantado” is a lively electro-disco fling (me, I love this stuff!) that I’d like to experience on a dance floor with a good sound system. “Tempo” and “Encantamento do Sonho” are both downtempo numbers, the first with a lonely, noir feel and the second a bit brighter, with a touch of “flying saucer” synthesizer.

Producer and multi-instrumentalist Rodrigo Campello, one of Brazil’s best, is usually associated with artists such as Fernanda Abreu, Roberta Sá among others.

The result is a striking debut album, with songs that awaken sensations. Yes, to stimulate the senses is the singer’s intent. “Music flows in such a straight path to people that surpasses intellectual barriers. It dives so deeply into people’s feelings and memories that when you listen to a song you can smell and see scenes and places and relive those emotions associated to that song,”