Rey Cabrera y sus amigos

Rey Cabrera y sus amigos


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  • Rey Cabrera (Tres + voice)


Rey Cabrera from Santiago de Cuba was born on January 23.
He grew up with the traditional and campesina music as well as the SON. His parents gave him the love and passion for the "musica campesina". Since 1968 Rey is a master of the tres, a typical Cuban guitare, with 3x2 strings.
He took part on several big projects with great Cuban people: he grew up with Eliades Ochoa, Benito Suarez.
As director of the Trinchera Agraria Orchestra, he was the host of a radio show at CMKC radio as well as of a TV show on Telerebelde.
For more than 20 years he played with Maria Ochoa as director of the Corazon de Son orchestra. In 2000, with Maria Ochoa and the Corazon de Son orchestra, he started a first world tour, playing at the Montreux Jazz Festival, at the North Sea Jazz in South Africa, in The Nederland, in the UK, in Belgium... Since 2003 Rey has been living in Bruxelles. He leaved his beautiful island behind but he brought to Europe his tres mastery as well as his amazing music sensibility. He has now formed his new band with his Cuban fellows, Rey Cabrera y sus Amigos.
He recorded a first album entitled "Color Cuba" in 2007, a mixture of son, danzon, rumba. This was signed by AMC Records and distributed by Universal. and "CUBEL SON" (2011).
From now on, on stage, Rey introduces us his brand new album called "CONTROVERSIA" (2014). This embodies a real tribute to Cuba as well as to Belgium and to one of his main style, the son.
Rey is one of the last ambassadors of this lovely Cuban music, mastering the tres with a so special enchanting voice. Through his show he invites us to discover his legacy, leading us to an amazing imaginary travel to the son, the changui and the cha cha cha.