The Stars From The Commitments

The Stars From The Commitments
The Satrs From The Commitments


In The Midnight Hour
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The Stars From The Commitments
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  • country:Ireland
  • style(s):Blues, Soul
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:vocal, brass, guitar
  • artist posted by:Benjamin International Production

Line up

  • Abraham Hampton (Keyboards / Organ)
  • Andreas Nolan (Bass)
  • Antoinette Dunleavy (Backing Vocals)
  • Danny Healy (Trumpet)
  • Dick Massey (Drums)
  • Ken McKluskey (Guitar)
  • Myles Hyland (Lead Vocals)
  • Sandra Hyland (Backing Vocals)
  • Serge Stavila (Saxophone)


"The energy & excitement of Alan Parker's movie has been transferred into a thrilling, unforgettable live experience that will stir your soul..."

Relive all the soul classics from The Commitments movie live in concert, featuring original Commitments stars Ken McCluskey and Dick Massey.

Dublin's Saviours Of Soul Following a worldwide media tour in 1991 to promote the global success of the Alan Parker film of Roddy Doyle's acclaimed novel, the band went their separate ways.
During the promotion, the cast were repeatedly asked when they would be touring & playing concerts. There were so many requests, that by 1993, several of the stars decided The Commitments should be reborn as a live, working, touring band & become Dublin's Saviours Of Soul for real.

They have toured the world ever since & on many special occasions, their co-stars from the movie (including Michael Aherne, Robert Arkins & Johnny Murphy) all perform with the band. World's Hardest Working Band, The Stars From The Commitments have played to sold-out audiences worldwide for over 10 years. On their recent American tour, they worked with Twentieth Century Fox promoting the USA release of the new remastered Collectors' Edition DVD of The Commitments movie, which was released in the UK in 2005 on St. Patrick's Day
This year alone, The Stars From The Commitments have played to hundreds of thousands of fans at major outdoor festivals & concert venues in the USA & Europe & are eagerly awaiting their return to the UK .

"Ladies &Gentlemen... The Commitments"
Their live concerts feature all the great soul classics from the film & multi-million selling soundtrack & live albums: Mustang Sally, Try A Little Tenderness, Mr. Pitiful, Destination Anywhere, Chain Of Fools, Take Me To The River, In The Midnight Hour & many more All The Heart...All The Soul...All The Music