BellonMaceiras Quintet


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Line up

  • Daniel Bellón (Bagpipe, Saxophon)
  • Diego Maceiras (Chromatic Accordions; Accordin)
  • Juan Cabezon  (accustic and electric guitars)
  • Juan Tinaquero (contrabass; electric bass)
  • Miguel Lamas (drum set)


BellonMaceiras Quintet offers a fusion of new folk and world music, where improvisation plays an important role. The bagpipe and accordion, along with bass, guitar, drums and saxophone offers a musical journey in which various styles and rhythms omplementan amalgam with a wide variety of compositions.

Fusion is the hallmark of BM5, and the musical contribution of each component is what defines the unique sound of the group. The musicians are free to express themselves, free of rigid stylistic stripes. In his taste for mixing it comes what they define as "spigot", the introduction of parts of a familiar tune into another song.
In FOLKFUSION, the pipes out of his shell to play tango, swing, muineira, blues, habanera, jazz, samba, waltz French ... I do not expect to hear a single style and enjoy the music.

The BellonMaceiras project was born in 2005, from the musical union of the bagpiper Daniel Bellon and the accordionist Diego Maceiras. His deep knowledge of traditional music from Galicia, along with his taste for music from other countries, made from the beginning, the duo merge without fear, rhythms and melodies from different places, doing world music from Galicia. When invited, in 2007, three musicians joined the quintet, were all in agreement on the merger that would create.