mercedes peon live
mercedes peon
cover of ...---...SOS album


From her latest album ...---... SOS
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Line up

  • MERCEDES PEON (Voice, Percussion, Bagpipe, Clarinet)


…---… SÓS

This is Mercedes’ fourth album and a turning point in her career. With her first three albums, she has situated herself as one of the most interesting artists in the European World Music scene, winning national and international awards from the World Music Forum and FolkWorld magazine. She has been nominated for the BBC Awards, National Culture Prize, “Galician of the Year”, etc. This year she has been selected for the demanding Womex committee to carry out the next showcase in October 2010.

With her new album, Mercedes takes a step further as a composer, producer and singer and pushing the boundaries of World Music. Her music could fit in festivals such as Sonar, Coachella or Boom Festival or with events like Burning Man or Snowbombing.

A sophisticated concept that surprises, impacts and at the same time touches. Audible intensity that is never aggressive, powerful messages, social criticism, constructive and positive thoughts. A personal pursuit with universal results.
…---… SÓS is a call for help in Morse code used out at sea which also means alone, music full of emotion, feeling and demands with a desire to share. With all of its nuances, without shame … the electric is treated as acoustic, and the acoustic as electric. Alone and chaotically intertwined. …---…
Mercedes Peón, magic.
She is probably the Galician composer with the most international awareness. After going into depth of the Galician tradition for more than 15 years, in 2000 she recorded her first album “Isué”. The tone of her debut album was so energetic and strong that she became her own brand. Peón masterfully mixed the tradition of bagpipes and percussion with her powerful voice as no one had done before. Leaving a natural space for guitars and electronics.
In her albums “Arjú” in 2004 and “Sihá” in 2007, created her particular creative atmosphere, a combination of Galician tradition, electronics and rock as if it were the most natural way that such disparate styles would meet, making of them her sound, outside of our boundaries.
With …---…SÓS, Mercedes confirms herself as a global artist in the vanguard of artistic creation.