RADIO COS are two famous pandeireteiros who evolve Galician roots music in a natural way.

Xurxo Fernandes and Quique Peon, singers and percussionists of the band, are outstanding references in the field of ethnographic research in Galicia. The melodies used in this project were taken from their files of field recordings, gathered throughout more than three decades all over the country.

RADIO COS has been playing stages in Belgium, England, Scotland, Brittany and Galicia for more than 9 years, transmitting their understanding of our traditional music. Now they present their debut album; roots music that blends the most archaic sounds with traditional elements and other melodies related to the country.

The band consists of three prestigious musicians: Pedro Lamas on bagpipes and soprano sax, Nikolay Velikov on violin and Xan Pampin on the accordion. This work, created with strength and joy, wants to show how invisible minority cultures are, even though they exist, they surround us, they are a tangible truth,