If we had to highlight something about SES it would be her enticing charisma and personal strength, displayed in hundreds of concerts throughout Galicia, playing different stages, town after gown and city after city. Step by step and thanks to word of mouth and her intense personality and honesty in her expression, she conquered the audience with a flood of energy that calls for togetherness and questioning the establishment.

"Co xenio destrozado" (With a broken spirit) is an album made with pride, freshness and vitality, attempting to concentrate all the power of her live shows in 12 visceral and passionate songs. Singer-songwriter songs dressed in blues, rock and Latin American sounds.

Recorded at Bruar Studios in A Coruna and produced by MARIA XOSE SILVAR, SES herself, and Xavier Ferreiro, her usual live musicians also contribute to this album: Tito Calvino (guitar), Marcos Pazo (drums) and Fran Sanz (bass).

Educated in music and traditional dance, SES is a teacher and has a bachelor's degree in Galician Philology and social anthropology. In 2007 she created the band Chamalle Xis with three friends, becoming one of the most sought after newcomers of that year and one of winners of the A Coruna Son contest, sponsored by Santiago Auseron.

After collaborating with bands like Zenzar or Xabier Diaz, SES (family nickname of Maria Xose Silvar), published her debut album "Admirando a condicion"(Admiring conditionally) in 2011, a project 100 Galician and 100 feminine.

What they say about SES:

UXIA Senlle:
"SES is a rock star ... lyrics, attitude, melody and cool."

Ugia PEDREIRA (Marful):
"- How we were longing for you, ses"

VITUCO NEIRA (Planet Furancho):
"SES is a female hurricane. Her music and her heart. Music that beats and makes other hearts beat. Maria stares straight into our eyes and caresses our ears ".

PEPE CUNHA (Prick Up your ears):
"'the pop-rock Galician scene was lacking a female figure, songwriter and performer, like Maria Xose Silvar. The songs on the album overflow with personality, strength, charisma and a remarkable musical eclecticism: R & B, swing, soul, Latin, pop rhythms an even country. From now on we can speak of SES as a new artist, but influential.