from "Tigres en Fuga" (World Village / Harmonia Mundi 2014)
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Line up

  • AnĂ­bal "Chapi" Aliaga (Rhythmic Guitar)
  • Dante Reyes (Drums)
  • Enrique Yllescas (Timbales)
  • Ernesto Cadenas (Congas)
  • Hector "Chiquito" Mattos (Bongo / Campana)
  • Lucho Reyes (Lead Guitar)
  • Luis Carrillo (Singer)
  • Manuel Pecho (Bass)


They come from the legendary bands of Peruvian Cumbia and, after 40 years, they meet again to play finally together the music they participated in creating !

This musical wave was a phenomenon that could only take place during the sixties in Peru. A product of the effervescent environment of a decade of rediscovered freedoms, it takes roots in remote cities of Amazonia, and among children of immigrants who gave birth to a musical genre that is now an integral part of the Peruvian identity: Cumbia Huaracha, Amazonian Cumbia or simply Cumbia Peruana.

The Cumbia All Stars are among the creators of Peruvian Cumbia and they interpret, during their concerts, the most emblematic songs and the forgotten treasures of the repertory.

Womex 13 Official Showcase Selection