Gaia Gentile
Gaia Gentile
Gaia Gentile
Gaia Gentile
Gaia Gentile
Gaia Gentile


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  • country:Italy
  • region:Apulia
  • style(s):Pop, Songwriter
  • label:Bobo Studios
  • type:Band, Solo, Trio
  • gender:female
  • instrumentation:singer songwriter, pop group
  • artist posted by:Bobo Studios

Line up

  • Antonello Boezio (Guitar)
  • Gaia Gentile (Singer)
  • Nicolò Pantaleo (Sax Baritone)


Gaia Gentile, born in south Italy near Bari, starts singing since child matching her passion with the study of the piano. At 17 years old begone the professional career like soloist singer, in vocal groups and for orchestras, participating to many shows and festivals around the World (Algeria, Thailandia, Inghilterra, Argentina, Africa, Russia, etc.). She participated in RAI Italian TV shows like Vocalist (“Ballando con le stelle” by Milli Carlucci). She studied in Rome into the “Accademia Artisti” where she had the possibility to have experiences into dance and theatre too. Into 2020 debuted with the show “Gaia Gentile… ma non troppo” where she tell about her story like artist, trought the meetings with the most important Italian singers with who she had the opportunity to collaborate with (Caparezza a Capossela, Dalla, Silvestri e Noa).

FUORI TENDENZA: Single that anticipates the release of the album "Sono Fuori", is a song that describes the personality of the artist in the round. The goal of "Out of Trend" is to want to stimulate in each of us that desire to show ourselves as we are. Thus "Fuori Tendenza", "Fuori Provincia" and "Fuori di Testa", Gaia Gentile writes this piece by putting herself naked, finding herself completely at ease with her in a condition of lightness and lightheartedness. Through music without veils and without compromise, "Fuori Tendenza" comes out of the tunnel of easy choices to give space to something true, deep, and unique.

FUORI TENDENZA (VIDEOCLIP) : Gaia Gentile in this video experiment, in collaboration with the video director Giuseppe Marco Albano, has rethought her concept of "out of trend", through an artistic trip made up of artist works for women. During the video clip, the protagonist becomes the interpreter of her favorite art's works. The interpreted art's works, which represent an important reference point for Gaia's artistic life are: Man Ray, with "Le Violon D'Ingres" surreal work that conceptualizes the music itself in a female character completely out of the box and manifest of a period itself out of trend; Frida Kalo, who tends to emphasize the personality of Gaia and the spirit of this work: independence, freedom to be and to express oneself; Judith by Klimt and Tamara by Lempicka in the straightforward and unveiled representation of strong and direct female characters, outside the box for their historical period; Finally Andy Warhol with Pop Art by Marilyn Monroe which is the representation of the work of art and the commodification of the object of art concept against which Gaia sides in the entire album "Sono Fuori". The video therefore wants to emphasize the freedom of expression behind this new recording project. Video entirely carried out in a real artist's workplace, with a beautiful twist at the end ... Gaia finds herself the artist of herself and follows the concept of being happily and deliberately “Fuori Tendenza” (out of fashion).

LIVE -Concert
Her concerts are always full of emotions with her songs that tell an extravagant and kind personality ... but not too much, together with tributes to the Italian songwriters with whom the artist collaborated during her artistic career. From Caparezza to Capossela, Dalla, Silvestri and Noa. The surprise effect never fails with medleys of the most famous songs, to leave with bated breath. An exciting journey without ever taking oneself too seriously, accompanied by the talent of six other exceptional musicians, in a modern-style line-up that combines the rhythm section with the warm sound of the wind section, with many twists.

2018: Three concerts with the Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Maestro Polo Lepore to the music of West Side Story.
2019: Concert with the Verdi Orchestra conducted by Maestro Geoff Westlay.
2020: Debut of the show "Gaia non troppo!"