"Como Manda o Figurino" - Ferragutti & Kramer

Ferragutti & Kramer

Toninho Ferragutti was born in the small town Socorro, in São Paulo state, and is living for many years now in the state capital. Bebê Kramer was born in another small town named Vacaria, in Rio Grande do Sul state, and now lives in the city of Rio de Janeiro. At the beginning of 2011, they were invited to perform together on a project called Reflexos, which brought together duets of musicians from Brazil and abroad. Soon after that, they received another invitation to participate together in a SESC project called Sonora Brasil, touring the entire southern and south-eastern Brazil regions with performances showing a repertoire of contemporary music written for the accordion. This is how the duo was born, together with the desire to record on a CD the result of an encounter as fruitful and enjoyable as, to some extent unexpected.