Tatiana Parra
Tatiana Parra - Inteira


(Pedro Aterio / Pedro Viáfora)
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Known and admired within the music scene for her participation on over 30 albums of artists like Ivan Lins, Omara Portuondo, Rita Lee, Toquinho, Chico Pinheiro, Sandy & Júnior e André Mehmari, Inteira marks the debut of the paulistana singer Tatiana Parra on solo career. Produced by Marcelo Mariano with participation from the Argentine trio, Aca Seca and César Camargo Mariano, the album brings to the forefront songs from new names in the Brazilian music scene such as Pedro Viáfora, Pedro Altério, Dani Black, Giana Viscardi, Dani Gurgel and also includes the participation of César Camargo Mariano, Barbatuques, Teco Cardoso, Proveta, Toninho Ferragutti and Aca Seca among others.