Buenrostro band
FIMU 2022
Hillside, Canada 2023
NAC-CNA Ottawa 2023
Lula lounge


Pirekua, mexican traditional genre. Song dedicated to one of the most important celebrations of Mexico, The Day of the Death, to the Sweet Death
  • 1 Dulce Muerte
  • 2 viBRa
  • 3 Vamos
  • 4 Volcano
  • 5 Huellas
  • 6 Aguacero
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second single album viBRa 2018
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  • country:Mexico
  • region:Mexico City
  • style(s):Roots, Traditional
  • label:Slammin Media Inc.
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:vocal, percussion, visual, salsa and latin band, guitar
  • artist posted by:Buenrostro

Line up

  • Arturo Barcenas (Guitar E.)
  • Carlos Pacheco (Accordion)
  • Eluterio BuenRostro (Bass, vocal)
  • Enrique "Flaco" (Peruvian Box, Congas)
  • Lupita Buenrostro (Singer, jarana)
  • Santiago Buck (Drums)


Mysterious characters in wild costumes float through the crowd before appearing on stage. It’s BuenRostro, a collective who represent deep-but-fresh sonics and cultures, likely even for those familiar with other Mexican artists and styles. Buenrostro formed in 2010 in San Pedro Atocpan on Mexico City’s southern edge. They grew up immersed in the deep roots and customs of their elder nahuatl (the language of Aztec/Mexica) speakers; inspiring them to experiment and create through their ancestor’s Mexican traditional rhythms and worldwide art. Six musicians (voice-jarana, accordion, electric guitar, bass, drums and Latin percussion) fuse Mexican regional sounds and connect diverse artistic disciplines through Latin American folklore, cumbia, samba jazz and rock. It’s relatable multi-cultural traditional music’s avant-garde with vibrant and visual music, dance and theatre. BuenRostro addresses humanity’s impact on the planet with upcycled garments and stage scenery made from recycled bottles and clothing, integrating characters inspired by global cultural traditions.

Biography by Kerry Clarke

BuenRostro is a "POST-FOLK" group with almost 13 years of experience. We take traditional Mexican music as the axis of creation and flow between genres and times, achieving a contemporary "infusion" where we distinguish lyrics, rhythms and feelings of tradition. Michoacan Pirekuas and Afro-Peruvian Landó, a Ranchera song with Rock riffs or a Cardenche song with Blues tints, a Cumbia with Samba, a son Calentano with Progressive Rock, a Punk Merengue or a Peruvian Festejo that culminates in a Zapateado of Tamborileros de Tabasco fused with a Rock Power Trio. Poured into a show full of theatricality with costumes made from recycled materials, they round out the concept of a regional and technological post-apocalyptic tribe reconnecting with the earth and its resources.