Duble Salih
  • country:Türkiye
  • style(s):Folk, Alternative
  • label:Self managed
  • type:Duo
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:Caféturc Music & Arts

Line up

  • Salih Korkut Peker (cümbüş, guitar, vocals)
  • Salih Nazım Peker (divane, kopuz, cura, vocals)


Songs from Turkey & Balkans, intimacy of taverns

Salih Nazım PEKER and Salih Korkut PEKER, who merged folk music with experimental and innovative interpretations into different forms, came together to form the acoustic project Duble Salih.

Following their first post on YouTube, a prisoner song called Mapushane Çeşmesi, Duble Salih has reached a massive list of fans by drawing attention with their interpretation of Mican which was also published in one of the most popular Turkish TV series called Çukur.

Duble Salih perform folk tunes from Anatolia (Minor Asia) and Rumelia (Southeastern Balkans) using mostly “cümbüş” and “divane”, which are relatively new folk string instruments of Turkish music. In their interpretations combining traditional performances with rebetiko, flamenco, blues and bluegrass elements, they want to touch the soul of the audience, with pure acoustics and simple arrangements.


Two Salihs and a double raki

Meaning double in Turkish, Duble refers to the two musicians named alike, and to the raki, this emblematic beverage of taverns in Balkans and Turkey, that one traditionally orders in double dose.