Foto: António Carrapato
Foto: Pedro Vilhena
Foto: Telmo Rocha
Artes À Rua 2018
showcase no MMV de Vic
showcase no MMV VIC
Artes à Rua 2018
Artes à Rua 2018
Artes à Rua 2018
Artes à Rua 2018


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Line up

  • Beatriz Nunes (Vocal)
  • Cantares de Évora (Vocal)
  • Carlos Menezes (contrabass)
  • Celina da Piedade (Vocal)
  • Kepa Junkera (Trikitixa)
  • Mara (Vocal)
  • Mário Lopes (Drums)
  • To Zé (Viola Campaniça)


a musical recipe, from Évora to the world!

In a large mixing bowl combine a little folk from the Basque Country, with a lot of Alentejo Singing. It is tempered with a dash of trikitixas and txalapartas, then fold everything and cover with a bit of accordion.

In another large mixing bowl that can reach high temperatures, brase a bit of Kepa Junkera, with Mara, Celina da Piedade, Beatriz Nunes and Cantares de Évora. This mixture is mixed with the "campaniça" guitar of Tó Zé Bexiga, the piano of Amílcar Vasques-Dias, the double-bass of Carlos Menezes, the drums of Mário Lopes, a dash of Gigabombos do Imaginário, Galandum Galundaina q.b. and bit of Vozes de Abril.

Put together the previous preparation and mix everything very well, put on a low heat and let it cook for 7 days, with many feelings, improvisation and unique experiences.

The result will be a preparation of world music, with new aromas, tones and palates of Iberian music, culminating in a plate full of new expressions, textures, colors and flavors ... it is served from Évora to the World.