Why Évora should be European Capital of Culture 2027



European Capital of Culture Candidate City 2027
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Welcome Drink – Cocktail
October 24th - 4 pm - Booth 2.79 - 2.84
Stand Portugal Muito Maior / Why Portugal

OMIRI Showcase
Pakkahuone Stage October 25th - 9.45pm
Visit OMIRI at Booth 2.77

Artes à Rua is more than a festival, is a meeting place for creators, creatives and artists. Évora breathes culture and the associative life of the city inspires artistic creation. The "arts walk the streets" all year long but we live an unique spirit during Artes à Rua, that reflects Évora's candidacy for European Capital of Culture 2027.

The city of Évora encourages and hosts artistic residences, New Creation projects and extensions of other festivals. We seek public art in motion, synergies between artists of various influences.

We bet on a programming focused on world music and that's why we are in WOMEX now, sharing Booth 2.79 - 2.84 .

Therefore, in 2019 we debuted Transiberia Mundi, one of the many cycles that integrate Artes à Rua, which brought to Évora names like Venga Venga, Eduardo Paniagua, Entavia, Irene Atienza or Viguela.

This year's edition of Artes à Rua opened with a unique show, a New Creation by Vasco Ribeiro Casais, with his project OMIRI - Alentejo Vol. I, Évora.

The contagious electro folk of the Portuguese musician will be featured in Tampere, at WOMEX, with a performance at Pakkahuone Stage, on October 25th at 9:45 pm.

Évora is proud to see its culture so well represented at WOMEX by Vasco and we hope you can attend the showcase.
We hope this will thrill you to create programming networks with us, in Évora, and for the world!

article posted by:Carla Dias, Câmara Municipal de Évora