Aleph Quintet (Tunisia/Belgium)

Aleph Quintet (Tunisia/Belgium)


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Line up

  • Akram BENROMDHANE  (oud)
  • Marvin BURLAS (violin)
  • Maxime AZNAR (drums)
  • Théo ZIPPER (bass)
  • Wajdi RIAHI (piano)


Five skilled musicians from different backgrounds come together to create a free-flowing conversation between the worlds of jazz improvisation and harmony, music of the Maghreb, Gnawa rhythms, Arabic classical and Sufi music. Brussels-based Aleph Quintet was formed when violinist Marvin Burlas struck up a friendship with next-door neighbour Akram Ben Romdhane, Tunisian composer, violinist and oud player. The idea to expand upon their immediate musical empathy followed soon after and they invited pianist Wajdi Riahi, a well-known figure on the jazz scenes of Brussels and Tunis, bassist and composer Théo Zipper, and drummer Maxime Aznar. After exploratory sessions a bond was formed, now evinced in their tight-knit communication through complex structures and in the scintillating improvisation that arises from their intuitive interplay. This year Igloo Records released their highly acclaimed debut album, Shapes of Silence.


Aleph Quintet (Tunisia/Belgium)