Qotob Trio
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Qotob Trio - Entity
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Line up

  • Bassel Abou Fakher (Cello)
  • Jean-Baptiste Delneuville (Piano)
  • Piet Maris (Accordion)


Qotob originated in Damascus, in the lap of Syrian musician Bassel Abou Fakher, as a platform for musicians in world music. Fakher, surrounded by trumpet player Milad Khawam (Exilistan,...), percussionist Michael Kayat and zither player Maher Khodder, started a series of recordings that lead to the debut 'Damascus' (2015), an album recorded in one of the most conflict-ridden areas in the world. Therefore the debut was almost fully dedicated to the healing, holy power of music.
Cellist Bassel Abou Fakher moved to Belgium and met new musicians like pianist Jean-Baptiste Delneuville and accordionist Piet Maris. They almost immediately made an exceptional musical connection with new ideas, inspirations and approaches that resulted in Qotob Trio and 'Entity'.
You could consider the new album as a crossroads with Brussels in the centre, because the multilingual, multicultural metropolis is constantly swarming with the most diverse sounds and inspirations. Exactly that is the core: the three band members, all with their very own specific (musical) background, that put their shoulders under this new, innovative project together.