"Live in America" - Oumar Konate

Oumar Konate
Oumar Konate Live in America


Afro-rock across America; Oumar Konaté with his power trio blasted from coast to coast on their 2014 tour. An award-winning musician and arranger at home in Mali, Oumar represents a new generation, forging his own traditions influenced by music from around the world. This African rocker blew everyone away; his concerts were on fire. The band's sound ranged from hard rock thrash to subtle acoustic ballads and the lyrics spanned blues laments about girls, rages against war and corruption, to jokes about the fast pace of a big city. Oumar and his bandmates continue to proudly live in Mali where they play weekly in Bamako clubs to packed crowds. Oumar Konaté, with his bandmates Makan Camara and Cheick Siriman Sissoko are an Afro-rock power trio of young stars. Live In America features live tracks, recorded in 2014 during their USA concert tour. Oumar opens with blazing electric guitar tracks. During the show, he cools it down to poignant lament.