"La Alianza Musical de Cuba" - Various Artists

Various Artists
Portadilla La Alianza Musical de Cuba

The Musical Alliance between some of the most important orchestras of current Cuban popular music, to revere the work of maestro Adalberto Álvarez, where “with the permission of maestro Adalberto, emblematic formations, curated by time, come together, some with more experience than others but current and in continuous renewal beyond any doubt, such as Los Van Van, Aragón, El Charangón by Elito Revé, NG la Banda, Manolito Simonet y su Trabuco, Alexander Abreu and Habana d´ Primera; Pupy y los que Son Son; Maykel Blanco and Salsa Mayor, Bamboleo, the Latin Charanga and El Niño yLa Verdad, to which is added, to honor the teacher with a reference from his hometown, the Rumbatá folkloric group and two collaborations: the cuban Alain Pérez, and Puerto Rican Gilberto Santa Rosa. (…) There are the classic songs by Adalberto, not all of them, but an indisputable selection, from Con un besito, which entered the repertoire of the Rumbavana ensemble early on. after Joseíto González was impressed by the sonorous spirit of the young Adalberto. And there is a very special dedication by Manolito to the sonero, which rounds the spectrum of what is heard here. " (Pedro de la Hoz, Taken from the Record Notes).