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Legendary Spirits of Dance (cover)
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As the music journey begins, the elders offer blessings and send us on our way.
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Indigenous Taiwanese Trip Hop Ear Candy for Music Lovers of the World

The album is a spiritual journey packed with surprises that will delight global music lovers. It combines traditional vocals from six indigenous groups in Taiwan with trip hop and trance. These wildly different musical genres meld in an imaginative fantasy-land that pulls the listener into a downtempo embrace.

The real magic of this album is that it offers an auditory experience that stretches the imagination. This is a world where music can simultaneously inspire a physical and emotional response. Upon hearing the final mixed version of the album, Producer Elaine Hsiung was moved to tears. “I may not understand the lyrics word-for-word,” she said. “But this is music that transcends the barriers of language.”