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Kutumba is a folk instrumental ensemble from Nepal, committed to the research, preservation and celebration of the diversity that exists in Nepal.

Sri Mahligai

Sri Mahligai is a Singapore-based Malay music ensemble established in 2000 and formally registered as a society in 2002. The ensemble has an extensive

Silent Roar Productions

Silent Roar Productions is a music distribution and management company based in Karachi, Pakistan.

Kanta Dab Dab

A sitar, percussion and bass trio from Nepal with contemporary compositions creating a soulful fusion groove where Eastern n Western melodies meet

Wild Fire Music of Taiwan

Since being founded in 2002, we have been producing music as an 'independent farmer'. We explore the possibilities of a more organic music.

Rhythm Riders

Rhythm Riders promotes Indian and world music. We produce artists like Talavya (contemporary Indian percussion) and Taan (Indo-world fusion).

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2 Be Musik

Sidy Talla plus connu sous le pseudo "Diss-Crimination", est artiste compositeur - arrangeur, CEO du label sénégalais 2 Be Musik.

Vusizwe Travel 789

Vusizwe Entertainment is an events and entertainment management company based in Bryanston, Johannesburg. We specialise in Artist Bookings, events man

Association Artiste de Ma Vie

Sundri Feeling - Pop world jazz - A charming voice engaged in world poetry and music. Welcome to a show that will bring you good vibes.

Global Exposure

Global Exposure is a leader in the development of South African talent and showcasing it to the world.

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Skinnyfish Music

Independent label and leading distributor of contemporary and traditional Indigenous music. Albums distributed include releases from Yothu Yindi...


Sugarlicks is a boutique agency, label and production house operating in the music and arts industries in Auckland Aotearoa New Zealand.

Grafiti Entertainment Ltd

Grafiti Entertainment is a Management and booking agency that represents a stable of quality musical acts from Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Top Shelf Productions

Australian based, globally operating, touring, label and management agency.

Tangata Records

Tangata Records is an independent record company specialising in artist development, music management and promotion of Maori recording artists....

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International Arts Initiatives

We are a Vancouver based live arts presenter and producer currently focused on developing digital arts possibilities for global networking

Productions Casa Nostra

Casa Nostra is a production and record label that celebrates italian music. We are coming to the Womex mainly to find good european labels, booking ag

Ariana's List

I share culture, my own + others. Connecting artists, communities, + public spaces around the world. Work: Arts should be accessible to ALL people.

On Queue Artists

On Queue is a World Music Agency. Our roster is open to all styles of music, but leans towards acoustic traditional music with an innovative edge.

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Avrupa Muzik

Music Production and Media Avrupa Müzik, since it has been established, has brought important and successful artists to the market. Avrupa Müzik alwa

Arab Orchestra of Nazaerth- Cultur for Peace

The Arab Orchestra of Nazareth presents a variey of classical and contemporary Arab music: A Tribute to Oum Cultum, A Tribute to Fairuz and more

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Booking artists, organising tours, working in three continents (Europe, Africa, Asia), producing all kinds of music. We are based in Istanbul, Turkey.


Movimientos is broadening perceptions of Latin music beyond the mainstream in the UK through their events, festival programming and brand new label is an independent label producing ‘modern folk’ music: a generic term we use as it reflects the different influences and styles.

Papilio Collection

PAPILIO Collection Cooperative and Independant Label for new traditional and contemporary music

La Ponta-Greek Bagpipe Exhibition Workshop

La Ponta, a 13th century tower, located in Akrotiri Santorini.The tower hosts a tsabouna - Greek folk wind instrument, exhibition and workshop

Two Siberians

Two Siberians is a Russian instrumental duet. It is an unprecedented phenomenon. There is no other band in the modern history of Russian music, which

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Marcell: Es un artista “paisa” que propone canciones modernas de rock-pop llenas de energía, fuerza e inspiración.

Oscar Reynolds

KARUMANTA (Quechua for 'From far away') is an independent label that features The Magical Music of Oscar Reynolds and his former Andean musical...

ArtManager México

ArtManager is notable for the evolution of its career as one of the most experienced and serious companies in the field of artistic booking in Mexico.

Morning Birds Music

Manager of Brazilian band Nomade Orquestra


Prodemus was established over 50 years ago, and is the second oldest and largest music publisher in Colombia. Has won 5 ASCAP Awards.


Circulart, the professional platform for Independent music in Latin America

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