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Kadril v.z.w

Started as an acoustic folk band in 1976, KADRIL is still the leading folkrock band that plays and sings Flemish folkrock, from the north of Belgium

Creative Europe Culture Desk Spain

Spanish information point for the Creative Europe Programme, Culture Subprogramme, aimed at promoting the cultural and creative sectors.

Locomotiva Azul

Meet us at the Why Portugal Stand (106-111)

Câmara Municipal de Évora


Armenia Vibes

Armenia Amplified artists/ tours/ recordings/ broadcasts

Xabier Díaz Carro

Xabier Díaz is one of the names of traditional Galician music, an absolute benchmark for the enhancement of the tambourine and the square tambourine.

BL Music

BL MUSIC is a company based in France. Booking agent for international artists for more than 10 years.

Matariki Cultural Foundation

Taamaki Records supporting Artists in production respecting cultural practices in delivery and creating a global network for Indigenous language music

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