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Kawa Cultural Centre

Bringing outstanding Indian artists to the international scene, ensuring the continuity of this sophisticated tradition.

Music Today (Living Media India Limited)

Music Today represents the ‘music of India’ like no other music label.

Min-On Concert Association

Founded in 1963, Min-On promotes the global exchange of musical culture with 110 countries to develop mutual understanding among the people.

Kanta Dab Dab

A sitar, percussion and bass trio from Nepal with contemporary compositions creating a soulful fusion groove where Eastern n Western melodies meet

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Minaaka Limited

For over three decades we have dedicated our lives to the revitalisation and everyday use of the Māori language through the medium of music.

Aston Road

Aston Road is a boutique Management company representing a roster of diverse quality solo artists out of Wellington, NZ. Womex stand 67/68.

Penney And Logan

Penney and Logan are an artist and event management and publicity company with a social media arm which specialises in Facebook mgmt and advertising.

Drum Drum

Drum Drum’ is an English translation of Gaba Gaba, a village on the South Coast of PNG and the birthplace of Dum Drum’s lead singer, Tau Ingram,...


Sugarlicks is a boutique agency, label and production house operating in the music and arts industries in Auckland Aotearoa New Zealand.

Jessie Lloyd Music

A composer, performer and creative entrepreneur, Jessie Lloyd is a cultural practitioner of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music.

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Rock'n'Roll and Punk and Ska are really all just POLKA!


Contemporary folk music from Sweden/Finland.


Narinkaattori Klezmer Productions is a company presenting the fresh and original Finnish klezmer band Sampo Lassila Narinkka,

Walsh, Ann Marie

PR in Ireland for international and local touring artists and new releases. Specialises in Radio PR for major festivals. Award winning radio presenter

Glow Arts

Glow Arts is a Glasgow based company which provides a range of creative project management and consultancy services to organisations & individuals.

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Soroush Multimedia Corpreation

SOROUSH MULTIMEDIA CORPORATION (SMC) : SOROUSH began its activities in 1987 as a limited company . The company was aimed at producing radio and...

Holan, Eden

Eden Holan has distinguished herself on the global music scene with a unique style that combines jazz roots and harmonies with Brazilian influences an

Yellow Submarine / IMSF

The Yellow Submarine - The Place for Music A Jerusalem non-profit multidisciplinary center for music

Elec-Trip Records

ELEC-TRIP RECORDS World Fusion from Istanbul Elec-Trip Records is an independent label producing and releasing fusion & world music...

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Revenge Interactive Media & Distribution

Born June 24, 1977 in the 7th Ward of the St. Bernard Projects in New Orleans, at age 3 I moved to South Central L.A. I want people understand...

CUZA Agency

North American Company focused in authentic music with an strong cultural background. We have a very nice network of Festivals in USA and Canada

JKB Communications Inc.

A Boutique Agency Representing Bilingual and Culturally Diverse Artists from Across Canada, Around the World.


Worldisc is a US world music publicity and promotion agency.

George Brooks

George Brooks is an award winning saxophonist and composer widely regarded as one of the leading American voices in Indian jazz fusion.

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Mateway Agency

mate fueled artist management

getMusic Productions

International award-winning recording artist/songwriter from the Bahamas and voice of "Better in the Bahamas" television ad. TaDa has music supervised


IMESUR is a Latin American music meeting and trade fair. It is oriented to the development of the music industry, based in the city of Santiago, Chile

Llorona Records

Llorona Records has established itself as one of the key labels toughen and taking Colombian and Caribbean roots music to the future

Colombia al Parque / Rock al Parque

Rock al Parque es el festival con mayor asistencia en Latinoamérica. Colombia al Parque es el festival de World Music más importante de Bogotá.

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