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Zefxis Music Ltd

Greek, Byzantine and World Music Production, Distribution, Artist management, Score Editing in European and Byzantine Notation

Zephyrus Music vzw

Zephyrus promotes, produces and manages bands from diverse worldmusic styles and jazz - brass, arabic jazz, ethio, flamenco, afro, tuareg, ...

Zig Zag World

World Management : Didier Laloy, Vocal Sampling....

Zita Swoon

It’s very obvious what prevails : it is energy, the musical quality and the contributions of each member of the group.

Zn Production

Boban i Marko Markovic - Kultur Shock Ziveli Orkestar - Jim murple Mémorial - Lakay - Danguba - Les Fils de Teuhpu - Dubioza Kolektiv - Besh O Drom..


Management : Âada Gnaoua Group Abid Bahri Ensemble Majid Bekkas Mamia Chérif Rihla

Zone Arts ASBL

Established in Belgium in 2004, Zone Arts ASBL is a non-profit organization attending to promotion, booking and management of Thierry Crommen

Zone Franche

Zone Franche is a French world music network.