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  • Tego Calderon (vocal lead)
  • country:
    Puerto Rico
  • style(s):
    • Latin
    • Alternative
  • label:
    Jiggiri Records
  • type:
  • artist submitted by:

Tego Calderon is a cultural icon in the Latin Urban World. Although Calderon is considered a reggaeton artist, he likes all types of music and incorporates several musical genres in his sound,
including sounds and rhythms from Africa,Puerto Rico, Colombia, and the Caribbean.

He has worked with rock, alternative and salsa artists alike and succeeded in always
maintaining his personal and artistic identity.

Calderon has also been praised for his lyrics, which are much more substantive and uplifting than the misogynist materialistic words that have come to define reggaeton as well as the majority
of hip-hop music.

Calderon has been described as "the reggaeton
champion of an Afro-Caribbean working-class aesthetic"and is known for lyrics that are equal parts poetry and politics.
A consistent link between all of his albums "are
the social themes and the untouchable bravado that he usually transmits through his artistic outlook.


*El Que Sabe, Sabe (Jiggiri Records): February 3rd 2015

*La Prole (Jiggiri Records ): October 2013

*Original Gallo Del Pais (Jiggiri Records ): 6/19/2012




Tego Calderon


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