Coração Quiáltera

  • country:
  • region:
    São Paulo
  • style(s):
    • Brazilian
    • Instrumental
  • label:
    not signed
  • gender:
    male, female
  • instrumentation:
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A trio consisted of Lucimara Bispo, Pax Bittar and Wellington Tiberio, CORAÇÃO QUIALTERA has been acting in the musical research area for 9 years and has as main topics the instrumentation, timbre, rhythm, technique and repertoire writing. One of the direct outcomes of these studies is the piece called “Concerto dos Irregulares Tempos” which is divided in 10 scenes for sonorous objects and percussion. 111 of these objects and instruments are scattered across the stage and played on for about an hour. Having been awarded in several public notices and headed by Pax Bittar, CORAÇÃO QUIALTERA has performed in several places to a public with different background.


Coração Quiáltera



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Serenata dos sapos

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