Coba Coba

Line up

  • Carlos Li Carrillo (bass)
  • Constantino Alvarez (timbales, cajon)
  • Grimaldo del Solar (beats)
  • Juan Medrano (cotito, cajon, vocals)
  • Mangue Vasquez (congas, cajon, cajita )
  • Marcos Mosquera (cajon, bongos, cajita)
  • Milagros Guerrero (vocals)
  • Rafael Morales  (guitar)
  • Ramon Perez Prieto (keys)


NOVALIMA is a production collective formed by four Peruvian musicians/DJs based in Lima and London: Ramon Perez Prieto, Grimaldo Del Solar, Rafael Morales, and Carlos Li Carrillo. Its music is heavily driven by Afro-Peruvian and Latin percussions, blended with dub, broken and house beats.

Currently, the NOVALIMA producers are dividing their time between DJ gigs across Europe and South America, live shows with the full NOVALIMA band (comprising the core four producers on beats, guitar, keys and bass, in addition to 3 or 4 percussionists in cajon, cajita, congas, bongos, timbales and vocals - all of which participated in the recording of their previous album, AFRO), and the studio, where they are remixing for other artists as well as finishing the last details of their brand new album, Coba Coba, to be released January 13 on the Cumancha label. A new US/European tour should be announced shortly after the album release. Keep watching for dates