"Call Of The Soul " - Raza Khan

Raza Khan
Raza Khan


‘Nasihatein’ literally translates to ‘Message’: “Your ego will betray you, if not now then later.” The message also urges everyone to maintain their
  • 1 Nasihatein
  • 2 Jede Vi Darte
  • 3 Dukhda
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In this album “Call of the soul”, Sufi artist Raza Khan emphasizes belief in the Power of The Almighty. A devout Christian, he breaks the conventional perspective that the Sufi tradition is restricted to the followers of Islam. He is an expert in both the Sham Chourasi Gharana and the Mausiki Gharana and has composed several masterpieces characterised by long Alaps and Taranas which are featured in this album. His music displays completeness in its simplicity, however the intensity of his performances enables the listener to identify with the feelings of surrender and devotion to The Almighty portrayed.