"IBÉRIA 20|22 - Manuel de Oliveira, Jorge Pardo & Carles Benavent" - Manuel de Oliveira

Manuel de Oliveira
IBÉRIA 20|22


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  • artist:Manuel de Oliveira
  • featured artist:Jorge Pardo, Carles Benavent, João Frade, Quiné Teles, Sandra Martins
  • region:Western Europe
  • release year:2022
  • style(s):Instrumental, World Jazz
  • country:Portugal
  • formats:Audio File / Digital, CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:De Oliveira, Manuel
  • label:Portugal Music 360
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Celebrating 20 years in 2022

The music of the Iberian Peninsula has always been a fascinating territory for my senses and the object of an endless quest. From traditional Portuguese to Celtic music, from Fado to Flamenco, the latter in particular has always awakened me in a very special way.

At the beginning of my journey as a composer, materialising my creation in a group was a challenge. The tendency to direct the sound towards more familiar references skewed what I was hearing in my head. This frustration drove me to meet musicians with whom I could identify and add meaning to my composition.

The creation was gaining its own form and it was difficult for me to make it fit within the limits of a formal musical territory. The miscellany of the worlds it contained, in its heterogeneity, defined my music as Iberian.

The original formation of “Ibéria” in 2002 brings together a group of musicians who are very different from one other: Paulo Pinto, on steel and electric guitars, a musician with a background in Jazz and Rock, was decisive in the creation of the guitar arrangements, especially in the timbre and harmonic combinations, a characteristic that marked the sound. Quiné Teles was instrumental in the percussion arrangements containing percussive “Portugality”. Zecas (José Silva), on acoustic bass, with a Progressive Rock and Fusion background, brought the perfect sound and approach, creating the necessary coherence between percussion and guitar.

The dialogue between the different “Ibérias”, thanks to the contribution of special guests, consolidated the meaning of this project. Master António Chainho, on his explorer Portuguese guitar, and Ricardo Dias, on the accordion, brought melodies infused with the sound of Portugal. To tie it all off, Jorge Pardo, on the transverse flute and soprano saxophone, and Carles Benavent, on the electric bass, charted the destination of this journey.

“Ibéria” was taken from the studio to the stage and Jorge and Carles went from visitors to inhabitants of this house adding creations to this matrix.

Over 20 years, we have returned to “Ibéria” several times, in the studio and live, sharing the album with the musicians who embodied the project: Bego Salazar (“Ibéria Live”, 2016), David Leão (“Ibéria Fluente”, 2007), Filipe Raposo (“Ibéria 10 Anos”, 2012), João Frade (“Ibéria 10 Anos”, 2012, “Ibéria Live”, 2016 and “Ibéria 20*22”), Mário Gonçalves (“Ibéria Fluente”, 2007), Marito Marques (“Ibéria Live”, 2016), Moda Mãe (“Ibéria Live”, 2016), Paulo Barros (“Ibéria Fluente”, 2007 and “Ibéria Live”, 2016), Paulo de Carvalho (“Ibéria Live”, 2016), Pedro Santos (“Ibéria Fluente”, 2007) and Sandra Martins (“Ibéria 20*22”).

The desire to explore new territories is even stronger in “Iberia 20*22”, the result of another collaboration with Jorge Pardo and Carles Benavent. It fully celebrates 20 years of friendship and creative sharing.
This album reflects our very different worlds, united by a Mediterranean Latinity as an identity and the admiration and friendship that continually draw us to this place.

“Ibéria 20*22” is a new chapter in my quest and I could not be happier with its sense and purpose, at a time when I celebrate 20 years of a journey that has allowed me to embody this music and meet such amazing people.

Manuel de Oliveira

1 - O Céu de Figueira - Manuel de Oliveira
(Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo)
2 - Braguesa por Bulerias - Manuel de Oliveira

3 - Veinte Años - Carles Benavent

4 - Malaca - Manuel de Oliveira

5 – Rumba de la Alegria - Carles Benavent

6 - A San Roque - Jorge Pardo

7 - Ibéria - Manuel de Oliveira, Hélder Costa

8 - En Su Tejao - Jorge Pardo

Creditos - Credits:

Manuel de Oliveira - Guitarras e Braguesa_Guitars and Braguesa
Jorge Pardo - Flauta e Sax Tenor_Flute and Tenor Sax
Carles Benavent - Baixo elétrico e Mandola_ Electric Bass and Mandola
Quiné Teles - Percussão e Bateria_Drums and Percussion
João Frade - Acordeão (1 e 7)_Accordion (1 and 7)
Sandra Martins . Violoncelo (1)_Cello (1)

Produção Musical e Arranjos_Musical Production and Arrangements - Manuel de Oliveira, Jorge Pardo, Carles Benavent, Hélder Costa e Quiné Teles.

Assessoria de Produção_ Production Assistance - Bruno Lima

Design - Alexandra Xavier

Fotos_Photos - Pedro Ferreira

Gravado em_Recorded at, Portugal Music 360 (Guimarães, Portugal), HCM Studios (Riba d’Ave, Portugal), Casa Benavent (Barcelona, Espanha) e Blim Records (Lisboa, Portugal)

Misturado por_Mixed by Hélder Costa e Manuel de Oliveira @HCM Studios (Riba d’Av, Portugal).

Masterizado por_Mastered by João Carvalho Mastering (Canadá).

Produzido por_Produced By Portugal Music 360