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  • country:Chile
  • style(s):Cumbia, Samba
  • label:Sello Autor srl
  • type:Band, Composer/Songwriter
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:Dérapage Prod

Line up

  • Cristian Vidart Acuña (chinchin timbales percu)
  • Francisco Javier Craddock Nuñez (Drum)
  • Gonzalo Ignacio Ibañez García (Guitar)
  • Inti Pablo Gonzalez Riquelme (Accordeon)
  • Jaime Cristian Concha García (Bass)
  • Juan Ayala Zaror (Vocal lead)
  • Pablo Andres Vargas Araya (Percu)
  • Rodrigo Alberto Rojas Borquez (Keyboards)
  • Tomas Muhr Braithwaite (Percusión)


With an amazing ability to integrate musical genres as diverse as salsa, cumbia, jazz, reggae, folk, hip hop, samba, bolero, paso doble, candombe, rumba and rock. .. In short, a festive and enjoyable blend of astonishing wealth musical rhythms that explode on stage and texts rich in meaning to invite a social panorama of Latin American past and present.
Captivated by the heat of a hot show, composed of many ingredients, the viewer, amazed, soon realizes that he must remember to follow the records he listened to before coming. Attend a concert JuanaFe is to accept to be surprised. On stage, Music JuanaFe takes an entirely different magnitude. Always pleased to meet you, the adrenaline still there and the energy still impressive.
It is this desire to explore musical expression regardless of the modes, and a refusal to be cataloged in a specific type that best characterizes JuanaFe.
Despite the phenomenal success of Callejero (their last hit, from the album Afrorumba Chilena), you necessarily hear if you spend a full day in Santiago, they have not forgotten their roots.
With a new for 2011, the group began a new tour. For the second consecutive year, travel JuanaFe hand, ready to share his buena onda to a European audience constantly growing.