DHOAD Gypsies from Rajasthan Japan & China Tour 2015

Dhoad Gypsies From Rajasthan - India

DHOAD Gypsies from Rajasthan will be Touring in Japan Feb and March 2015. here is confirmed dates for 2015.

February 8th Sun 17:00~ <TOKYO> National Olympics Memorial Youth Center (NYC)
9th Mon 13:30~ <SHIZUOKA> Fuji City Cultural Hall
10th Tue 13:30~ <NAGANO> Matsumoto City Music Cultural Hall
12th Thurs 18:15~ <KAGAWA> Sunport Hall Takamatsu
13th Fri 18:30~ <OSAKA> Osaka City Youth Cultural Center
14th Sat 18:30~ <KYOTO> Kyoto City Kuretake Cultural Center
15th Sun 14:00~ <HYOGO> Itami I-Phonic Hall
16th Mon 18:30~ <FUKUOKA> Fukuoka City Minami Ward Civic Center
17th Tue 13:30~ <KUMAMOTO> Kumamoto Shintoshin Plaza
19th Thurs 13:30~ <YAMAGUCHI> Yamaguchi City South Center
21st Sat 13:00~ <HYOGO> Amagasaki Arts Piccoro Theatre
22nd Sun 13:00~ <GIFU> Kakamigahara Cultural Hall
23rd Mon 13:30~ <SHIZUOKA> Hamamtsu Social Welfare & Exchange Center
25th Wed 13:30~ <AICHI> Nagoya City Artopia Center
26th Thurs 18:30~ <KANAGAWA> Sagamihara City Morino Hall Hashimoto
27th Fri 13:30~ <SAITAMA> Saitama Culture Center
28th Sat 13:30~ <GUNMA> Maebashi Municipal Cultural Hall
March 1st Sun 13:15~ <TOKYO> Nerima Culture Center
2nd Mon 13:30~ <IBARAGI> Omitama City Shiki Bunkakan Minole
3rd Tue 18:30~ <MIYAGI> Sendai Cultural Foundation Izumity 21
5th Thurs 13:30~ <TOCHIGI> Utsunomiya City Cultural Hall
6th Fri 19:30~ <TOKYO> NYC
7th Sat 15:00~ <TOKYO> NYC
9th Mon 14:00~ <KANAGAWA> Kamakura Performing Arts Center
11th Wed 14:00~ <CHIBA> The Keiyo Bank Culture Plaza
12th Thurs 13:30~ <IBARAGI> Omitama City Shiki Bunkakan Minole

Dhoad Gypsies have performed in over 1.000 concerts in 80 countries throughout the world within the last 12 years. They are considered the undisputed Cultural Ambassadors from Rajasthan. Dhoad Gypsies is a collective of consummate, wise and spirited musicians, vocalists and dancers of all generations.
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article posted by:Rahis Bharti, DHOAD Gypsies of Rajasthan