Vassilis Tzavaras
Songs in a room
Songs in a room


Vassilis Tzavaras Songs in a room
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Vassilis Tzavaras (guitar, piano, vocals) is an active member of the Greek music scene from 1993 and "Songs in a room" is his first personal album, an almost autobiographical musical journey guided by a piano. Six new tracks and seven covers of songs by Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen and George Douglas / George D. Weiss .

Track List

1. Most of The Time
2. Caroline Says
3. Sometimes
4. Love Minus Zero / No limit
5. Nobody Came
6. Martha
7. Vanishing Act
8. You Know Who I Am
9. Everything is broken
10. After The Rain
11. What a Wonderful World
12. The first Time
13. Rainy Night