Yiorgos Kaloudis


Yiorgos Kaloudis
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  • artist:Yiorgos Kaloudis
  • featured artist:Ruth Hill, Sylvan Richardson
  • region:Athens
  • release year:2005
  • style(s):Mediterranean, World
  • country:Greece
  • formats:Audio File / Digital, CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:DNA Label
  • label:DNA Label
  • publisher:DNA Label


The independent record company Dna Lab_el presents cellist Yiorgos Kaloudis in his debut album entitled "Truth", featuring Andy Sheppard's bassist Sylvan Richardson and Ruth Hill in Kanun. Nine Jazz compositions, blended with new age, classical and ethnic forms complete "Truth"; an alternative acoustic sound field for the listener, visually enriched by the pictures of the photographer Lambros Papanikolatos.

Track List:

1. April
2. Balo Sokak
3. Paramithi
4. Truth
5. Panselinos
6. Facing South
7. Anamoni
8. Parthenia
9. Epilogue


Yiorgos Kaloudis : violoncello, cello timbres, electric & acoustic guitar, 4-string electric bass, vocals , cajon, drums
Ruth Hill : kanun (on tracks 2 & 9)
Sylvan Richardson : 6-string electric bass (on tracks 2,4 & 6)

All tunes are composed, arranged and produced by Yiorgos Kaloudis
"Truth" arranged by Yiorgos Kaloudis & Sylvan Richardson

Produced by Yiorgos Kaloudis
Executive Producers: Michael Nivolianitis, Alexander Christaras

Recorded at the Dna Label studios, Athens
Recording and Mixing engineer: Philip Marinelis
Mastered at ERA studios by Simos Protopsaltis

Photography: Lambros Papanikolatos
Artwork: Artemis 1932

Poem Extracts from Dimitris Hill's book ''Oreotita'', Iolkos Publishers 2003
Poems translated in English by Victor Hill

DNA Label Records, Athens 2005

For further information visit: www.yiorgoskaloudismusic.com/truth/