Burhan Ocal


Turkish Classical Music is a highly stylized hybrid of forms from across the Ottoman empire when it stretched from eastern Europe through Arabia. Against the barrage of cheap and popular forms like arabesque and Turkish pop, the genre has bound itself tight in formalized rules and restrictions.
Burhan Ocal's New Dream transports the listener within this ivory tower. It is not about stealing from Turkish Classical Music, but bringing it new wealth, of breaking the bindings of its strict rules and allowing the music to breathe again with new life. The rich textures and sumptuous string melodies again become the height of luxury, as they were in the Ottoman Court when it ruled half the world. Resembling nothing so much as a rich Turkish dessert drizzled in sugar syrup at the end of a fine meal with friends, or silk sheets and a four-poster bed with a lover, New Dream is a rare sensual treat.
Burhan Ocal is a master percussionist, multi-instrumentalist and specialist in bringing new perspectives to traditional genres. Violin player Vokan Gumuslu also adds new compositions, much-loved Turkish Classical Music legend Emel Sayin sings on three tracks, including Amir Ates' ballad of eternal love 'Ben Seni Unutmak Icin Sevmedim' which she first sang on her debut album in 1972, and the impeccable beats of collaborator Smadj add space and motion to the mix. Make space in your life for their New Dream.