Kreiz Breizh Akademi #7

Kreiz Breizh Akademi #7
KBA#7 photo 1 ® Eric Legret


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  • country:France
  • region:Bretagne
  • style(s):Traditional, Breton
  • label:Coop Breizh
  • type:Big Band, Large Ensemble
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:vocal, percussion, woodwind, brass, guitar
  • artist posted by:DROM

Line up

  • Alan Le Bozec (percussions)
  • Alan Le Tenneur (trumpet)
  • Axel Landeau (voice)
  • Clément Chauvet (percussions)
  • Dina Rakotomanga (bass guitar)
  • Elodie Jaffré (voice)
  • Ewen Couriaut (pipe)
  • Ignacio Naon (guitar)
  • Ivonig Le Mestre (bombard)
  • Jordane Guilloux (pipe)
  • Louri Derrien (trumpet)
  • Ronan Le Bozec (pipe)
  • Simon Froger (bombard)
  • Sophie Jobert (trombone)
  • Thomas Galéron (bombard)
  • Yann-Ewen L'Haridon (bombard)
  • Yeltaz Guenneau (pipe)
  • Yvon Molard (percussions)


Bagad and modal music for a unique sound

It was in the air for a long time, Kreiz Breizh Akademi chose the "expanded" bagad * as the basic expression of this 7th collective. In contact with artists from the world, artisans of the contemporary or traditional modality, India, the Middle East, the Balkans, jazz KBA # 7 bagad has built a unique "sound" where modal improvisations mingle with complex rhythmic and local themes sometimes so close to other modal world musics.

Under the artistic direction of Erik Marchand, with the sponsorship of famous bombards master André Le Meut, and thanks to the talents of instrument maker Tudual Hervieux, the KBA # 7 collective plays vocal and instrumental themes from the Vannes region and the Center Brittany, brought to us by great performers of Breton popular music. The power and singularity of the bagad's sound blends with the singing and brass electric accents in a jubilant roar.

voices : Elodie Jaffré, Axel Landeau / bombards : Simon Froger, Thomas Galeron,
Yann-Ewen L'Haridon, Ivonig Le Mestre / pipes : Yeltaz Guenneau, Jordane
Guilloux, Ronan Le Bozec, Ewen Couriaut / percussions : Clément Chauvet, Alan Le Bozec, Yvon Molard / trumpets : Louri Derrien, Alan Letenneur / trombone : Sophie Jobert / guitar : Ignacio Naon / bass guitar : Dina Rakotomanga.

Production Amzer Nevez in co-production with Drom, the Cornouaille Festival and the Interceltic Lorient Festival in partnership with Sonerion.
With the support of institutions: Brittany Region, DRAC, Finistère, Morbihan, Côtes d'Armor, Rennes, CNV, Adami, Spedidam.

*A bagad is a Breton band, composed of bagpipes, bombards and drums. A bagad plays mainly Breton music, but a bagad's music is evolutionary: new forms and musical ideas are experimented with at each annual national competition.